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Gardella Jewelry is a family owned and operated business.

We have served the wholesale jewelry industry for over 30 years!

A brief history. 


After being a fine jeweler, Jackie Magyar, inspired by her love of metalsmithing, art, and nature found her passion by producing and selling handcrafted jewelry in the arts and crafts industry. Gardella Jewelry, started in 1986, was a line of nature inspired sterling silver, copper and bronze jewelry with semi-precious stones. Each original design was cut and hand forged from sheet metal, soldered and finished in her studio. 

In 2010 Earth Dreams was created and Gardella Jewelry became the parent company. Her husband Dave joined the company and together they strove to create a nature inspired line that could be produced in the United States for an affordable price. After much trial and error they developed a look and process that is truly unique. In 2017 their daughter, Jessica, joined the team. Her impeccable taste for color and composition, combined with her youthful spirit and eye on the trends adds a more sophisticated yet youthful look.  

But wait, there's more!


This year we are excited to introduce our new distinct line, Nature Deva! It has elements of the original Gardella Jewelry with the price points of Earth Dreams. Rich looking and highly textured nature elements are soldered and/or assembled and combined with the sparkle of Swarovski crystals. A perfect compliment to Earth Dreams for your store! 

We hope you and your customers enjoy our jewelry.

We always strive to give you that personal touch and are committed to helping your retail business.

Thank you!

Jackie, Dave, and Jessica Magyar


Jackie Magyar

Operations Manager


Jackie handles inventory, design, product management, website, order filling, and advertising. 

Dave Magyar

General Manager 


Dave will take care of your invoice, billing and setting up terms. He also handles issues concerning our sales team.  

Jessica Magyar

Co-designer and color guru


Jessica designs new collections. She manages parts and makes jobs for our assemblers. . 

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